Dear Pastor, Coach or Public Speaker,

I’m a storyteller, so I’ll use three short stories to make my point in this discourse. Indulge me.

After about four months of virtual conversations, I finally met with a new client last weekend, as he visited Abuja. He is one of Nigeria’s leading corporate consultants and public speakers, but resident outside the country. Wanting to convert some of his audio materials into books, we were referred to him.

As we conversed, of several notable statements, he said: “In the US, if you are a thought leader and don’t have a book, you’re considered a rookie.”

He was very correct. And of course, not only in the US, but also in most enlightened climes around the world. More so, I couldn’t help dwelling my thoughts on that statement as I left Transcorp Hilton that late evening. I wished all thought leaders would realize this all-important truth.

Even more, I was worried for most thought leaders because they have so much content lying dormant, which, all they need to do is repurpose them into books and they’ll have varied materials to propagate their messages across borders and impact countless lives than they could reach otherwise.

Another example. I recently attended a conference where when one of the key speakers, a pastor, was being introduced, the off-camera voice said, “…and author of over 50 books…” Expectedly, since I’d never listened to the man before that event, that phrase pricked my curiosity and eagerness to hear him. The rational was simple, a person who has published more than 50 books must have value to deliver. And I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, after his second speaking session, I went to the book stand and got some of his materials, paying good money for them.

But here’s the interesting part: I wasn’t the only one in that hall who bought. Right then when I bought, someone swiped his card to pay two hundred thousand naira for a set of the speaker’s resources. Again, two days after the event I visited a friend in his office and saw one of the books I got that cost ten thousand naira sitting on his table. He was at the event too.

Now think with me. Whatever the speaker was paid for his sessions at the conference, don’t you think there is a high chance that he got commensurate or even more from the sale of this materials? As well, it is most unlikely that he exhausted his thoughts on the theme he taught on in his sessions, as such, his materials were on hand to make up for the gap – for the participants who were smart enough to get them.

Thirdly, let me also tell you about one of Nigeria’s leading parenting coaches that we’ve worked with over the last four years. When we met in 2018, she had just started her online community and had far less than five thousand members. Smartly, she understood that one of the quickest ways to build niche authority is to author an excellent book. She did, and has, since then, published one every year (excluding quick ebooks).

Here’s the catch: building on that excellent move, her community is currently near one hundred thousand members. And of course she doesn’t struggle to develop content for her subsequent books; she simply repurposes contents from courses, coaching sessions, posts, other materials.

Why am I sharing these stories?

Simply, to show you possibilities.

To show you that if you speak very often and you don’t have a significant number of books to your name, you are, sadly, undermining the reach of your impact and influence, and leaving a lot of money on the table.

To tell you that I’m hurt every time I see a pastor, coach or public speaker who has few or no books to their credit. I wonder, why relegate such brilliant insights to redundancy inside your head?

Friend, there are thousands and millions of lives to reach and impact/influence with your message, expertise and insights. Besides, you already have the contents you need out of your head.

The audio or video files of your many teaching sessions.

            The courses you’ve offered.

            Contents (slides or otherwise) of your one-on-one or group coaching sessions.

            Your many posts on social media, your blog, Medium, newspapers, etc.

These are ready contents. All you need do is repurpose them. Yourself or with the help of a professional. Then work with an expert self-publishing consultant or a publishing company to have the book(s) out to impact many lives.

Now, does that sound herculean?

Well, I doubt it. So let’s assume you owe me lunch for “curing” your publishing dilemma for free. (Lol)

Lastly, because we care about you and want your success above all else, especially towards accomplishing your goals and leaving an indelible legacy in the world, we designed a product to help you. We call is the Serial Author Solution. You should check it out; click here.

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Don’t forget, if you speak very often, you should publish often – or, have several books with your name on them.