Content Development & Copywriting

If you have an idea but don’t know how to crystallize it into words, don’t worry, we are here to harvest your thoughts and represent them in words that hit your message home and communicate so effectively in the language your audience understand and can’t resist. We draw from a wealth of a cumulative over 15 years’ experience to tailor each content copy to objective, genre and target audience.

It’s true that content rules today’s world, but we don’t develop content, we deliver effective user experience in writing. Using plain language and active voice – synced with your unique style and voice, we speak to the heart of your audience, deliver your intended message and sell them on the desired action you want them to take.

If you want just any kind of content, something loose and directionless, we’re not your plug. But if you want high-value content copies that project your thought leadership, stands you out from the pack, and gets the desired job done, then we’re the ONLY partner you need.

Our Services


If you are looking to constantly dole out high-value articles for your personal or business blog, Medium blog, auxiliary blogging, and/or newspaper column, join our teeming clients who constantly get well researched, targeted and SEO standardized content to serve their varied purposes and promote their individual or corporate brand.
What’s more?

  • No plagiarism, full-stack original
  • 100% non-disclosure and confidentiality
  • Suited to purpose and delivered on agreed schedule
  • 700 – 1,200 words (or per your need)

…and more


Business proposals are tools for either knocking on doors for transactions (any kind) or securing your invitation (particularly for B2B engagements). So, proposals are business documents to never treat trivially. But there is an art to saying the right things, saying them well, and wooing your target prospect.

Whether you’re looking to write a solicited or an unsolicited proposal, our expert business writers will walk the mile with you to deliver on your need and strike the right chords with your proposal, fitting it to the purpose, niche and industry.

Email Copies/Newsletters

Ever heard the line, “The money is in the (email) list”? It’s true, so you should build, engage and constantly feed your email database. Feed them so well that they become eager and hungry to always eat at your hand – preferring you to your competition.
We work with you to understand your audience composition and their peculiar needs as well as your unique value offering, then develop copies that meet your needs and theirs, breeding a win-win for all. That is, we help you to nurture them so that they convert from fans to ready buyers.
Through it all, the communication is carefully crafted to always represent your power voice, brand persona (individual or corporate) and value offering.


A speech is a heart-to-heart communication between a speaker and his/her audience. It emanates and flows from your core, based on the subject, and into the heart of the audience through their ears. Hence, we listen to you, understand your message, then skillfully craft it to touch your listeners’ where and how it matters.

And we never forget to lace it with stories that touch, especially personal ones – because we understand the power of stories to create connection, make a message stick very long, and compel to action.

Do you have an upcoming event where you have to deliver a power speech? Talk to us and let’s partner with you to woo your audience to a mutually rewarding ‘love affair’ with you.

Whether business, nonprofit, motivational, religious or political, we’ve got you covered.


As an upwardly mobile professional, you must make presentations every now and then – within your organization or to clients. Well, your slide design is just as important as its content and the other dynamics of effective presentation.

So, while you worry about the other matters, why not let us handle the slide design and deliver compelling presentation slides that will lure your audience to listen to you.

Let our expert, Microsoft certified team take care of this for you so that you have a memorable and “killing” presentation every time!


There are varied kinds of reports. Whatever kind you need, so long as it is business inclined, our business content team will take good care of you.

When we write reports, we ensure they are needs specific, detailed with every requisite information, and tailored for the relevant stakeholder.

We work with you to understand your need, then set our expertise to deliver to fit.


Social Media Content Plan

In a world where being active on social media is a must, it is self-sabotage to be absent or infrequent on your business platforms. But what do you do when you don’t have the know-how or time to create targeted content to elicit and drive engagement on your handles?

It’s simple: engage us to craft topnotch monthly social media content plan for you.

Using your content strategy (if you have one; if not, we help you develop one), we develop daily content for your social media engagements, on a monthly basis.

With this, you will always have ready content copies for every day and even schedule them ahead, so that you’re present online every day even when you’re about your other business concerns.

Website Copies

Hey, if you don’t have a business website right now, you’re wrong! But it’s not enough to have a website, your website must be primed to convert visitors into prospects. And to achieve this you must speak the language of your target audience and woo them to desire to buy from you.

As expert copywriters, we engage the psychology of selling to draw visitors in and convince them to want to do business with you. We achieve this by understanding both your value offering and your customer avatar, then create harmony between both, resulting in connection that compels buying action.

Business Brochure/Product Description

Your products are for sale, not for shelfing. And to sell them, your potential customer must see how the products/services will benefit and serve their pain points. They need to see the value of your products to them and why they can’t ignore getting some.

The idea is to show them, not tell them. This is done by painting vivid pictures in their minds and projecting the product/service as a must-have for desired results. It takes honed skill, and we have mastery of it.

Whether you’re describing your products/services for your website, for your brochure, or other uses, we’ll work with you to develop compelling, irresistible copies that will get you desired results.

Company Profile

How powerfully does your Company Profile introduce you? Does project you strongly enough so that your prospects look forward to doing business with you? If not, then it is either not serving you or underserving you.

Our team of business writers have extensive expertise in developing tailored and targeted business profiles that convert and achieve desired results.

Whether you deal in products or services, let us in the room and we’ll deliver a profile for your company that’ll open doors for you every time.

Press Release

Every now and then, your company has some news-worthy developments like new milestones, projects, events, etc. Those are opportunities for growing market awareness for your brand, don’t let them slip.
With us in your corner, you can be sure to always get the right message out and to the right audience, leveraging the right platforms for effective reach. We will both develop the content and leverage our robust press network to get you in the right places where you should be.
Talk to us any time; we’re within reach.

Marketing Scripts

Whether you want social media Ad copy, video or animation script to promote a product, service, course, event, etc., we’re your plug.
By understanding your need and target audience, we’ll devise content copies that’ll drive home your message and get your desired outcomes by eliciting actions.


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