Business Content Solution

Because our team is comprised of expert content and copywriters with dynamic and cross-cutting industry experiences in delivering communications solutions to individual and businesses over a cumulative 15 years, we developed the Business Content Solution as a service package to help and support businesses (large and small) to reach their target audiences better and make more sales.

The Business Content Solution is designed to ease the burden of generating creative, engaging and result-oriented communications content copies for your business off you, while helping you to reach your target audience, make more sales and scale your business results.

About Business Content Solution

The Business Content Solution seeks to help small, medium and large businesses, busy professionals and influencers to communicate effectively and consistently, in a language and tone that your audience understand, and achieve the desired results of increasing brand credibility and influence, growing market share, profitability and impact.
The solution is designed and tailored to offtake the monthly communications needs of our clients so that you consistently speak to the needs of your target audience and compel them to desirable actions, while freeing up time to focus on other business demands.
The services are cultured to be provided on a monthly retainership basis.

Why You Need the Business Content Solution

  1. You will henceforth consistently speak the language of your audience, thereby achieving quantum results.
  2. You can now engage your audience as often as you want to and build know, like and trust with them.
  3. You will nurture and scale your brand influence, impact, and income through excellent and result-oriented communication content.
  4. You will grow your brand followership and thought leadership through dynamic and engaging content for your digital presence and business growth targets.

Product Packages

There are three (3) bouquets in the Business Content Solution:

  1. Deluxe Solution
  2. Gold Solution
  3. Gem Solution

The services cover varying quantities of Monthly Social Media Content Plan, Blog Articles, Email Copies/Newsletters, Press Release, Speech Writing, Presentation Slides, among others.

How It Works

  1. Choose your preferred bouquet and share with us
  2. We execute a retainership contract based on your subscription (minimum of a quarter, payable monthly)
  3. We provide templates and timelines for sharing topics and other details for the respective services
  4. We deliver value to you on an ongoing basis, thus enhancing your daily work
  5. Pay on or before the last working day of every month, following shared invoice

*Renewable contract (termination notice should be at least one month before)


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