Book Publishing

Writing and publishing a book is one of the timeless means by which great men and women build intellectual authority to advance their careers and causes, and project thought leadership and expertise, as well as tell their life stories to influence and impact others.
Books are tools of leveraged impact and scaled influence, as they take your voice and thoughts to places you will never go in person or even know about.

Books are also investments that reap returns for the rest of your life and long after you’re gone. They not only serve as an added income vehicle, but also as a key that opens countless other doors – as much as you’re open to and equipped for.

This is why we’re diehard committed to helping existing and aspiring authors capture, polish and communicate their stories, thoughts, expertise and movements in great books that readers will enjoy and always love.

We are a stop-shop for everything you need to self-publish a great book that will stand you out in your niche and connect with your target audience.

Our Services


Not everyone has the know-how, time or fortitude to write a book. We understand that, so we take the burden off you.

Just let us in the room and we’ll clarify and fine-tune your thoughts about the book you want to write, collect your thoughts, and return to you with a curated manuscript you’d love – as well as your readers.

Whether you’re writing nonfiction (any subject matter), fiction, memoir, biography, we’ve got your back and our expert consultants will walk with you hand-in-hand until you have a manuscript you’re proud to stamp your name on as the author.

What’s more?

You enjoy non-disclosure and confidentiality for life!

Developmental Editing

If you’re a pastor, coach, public speaker or the like, you really should be a serial author, publishing several books that amplify your voice and scale your influence.


Because you’re constantly doling out rich content in your preaching, speeches, presentations, coaching sessions, etc. that you should not waste.

Simply give us the audio or video files of your teaching sessions and we’ll repurpose them into powerful books that will impact and influence countless readers around the world, and bring even greater fulfilment to you.

Copyediting and Proofreading

We strongly believe that it is an “unpardonable sin” to publish your book without having your manuscript thoroughly edited by a professional editor. This is why our team of expert editors are ever ready and committed to perform “surgery” on your manuscript to assure that it is as error-free as possible before it is published.

Why is this important?

Poor writing is an image-breaker!

The last thing you want is for your readers to be turned off by the poor presentation of your thoughts in your book. If that happens, you’ll lose both their buy-in and respect.

This is why all great authors you read and admire never publish without having an editor’s eagle-eye on their work.
Partner with us today to polish your manuscript.

Cover Design

Okay, if you still believe in “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” you’re living in 17th century!

For real!

Covers sell books in today’s world, so make an outstanding and astounding one for your book.

Whilst great content is great, what makes a great book goes beyond that; the book must be attractive and grab attention. This is why we’re always keen to deliver eye-catching and spell-casting cover designs for our esteemed clients’ books – deploying our professional expertise.

Simply, at SageWorks, we deliver to you a book that is both wooing to the eyes and stimulating to the mind. We call this the ‘SageWorks Effect’. Your book will be ‘love at first sight’.

Interior Formatting

There is a science and art to formatting the content of books so that they appeal to the readers’ eyes and draw them in to read to finish. As professionals, we understand this science and art and will deploy it to making your book a readers’ choice.

Our team of professional design artists seek first to understand the theme, message, audience and your preferred concept for your book before setting to format your book both to taste and in sync with professional best practices.

We believe you want your book to stand out, yes?

Then let’s work with you to make it happen.

ISBN Collection

Hey Author, never publish your book without an ISBN. That’s not good. It means your book lacks unique global identification. Nah, don’t do that!

ISBN means International Standard Book Number. And to give your book that deserved uniqueness and special identity, we make it our duty to get you ISBN.

No, don’t worry about it; let’s do the worrying for you. Simply pass it on to us and we’ll happily shoulder the stress for you.

Or why else are we here if not to handle all your publishing stress?

Print Production

Let’s face it, this is Africa, where intellectual property rights are still being violated in broad daylight and with no rebuttal. So, one key way to maximize profits from your book is through print copies – at least before pirates come in; since ebooks are easily shareable and will thereby shortchange your profits.

One more thing, never settle for poor print production. Your book deserves the best it can get. It took a sweat to do great writing, so finish up with great print production.

Yes, we’ve got you fully covered. We’ll give you top quality print that you and all your readers will relish. “Your book go dey give you joy anyhow.”

Digital Publishing

In a digital world, your book should be on all the right platforms to give it maximum visibility, reach and profits.

In particular, we help authors to publish their books on Amazon Kindle (Paperback and Kindle versions) and OkadaBooks.

Does this contradict our claim about piracy? Not at all. These platforms secure your book against indiscriminate sharing.
Talk to us and we’ll get your book in global glare and reach.

Marketing Collaterals and Advisory

What’s the use if no one buys and reads your book after you’ve put in the good work of publishing a great one?

No, your efforts shouldn’t go to waste! What’s the use if no one buys and reads your book after you’ve put in the good work of publishing a great one?

No, your efforts shouldn’t go to waste! So we don’t leave you hanging out in the rain or stormy winds – both are bad; instead we get you under the shelter of constant profits from selling your book.

This comes in two ways:

1. We handle the marketing of your book for one, two or three months, or

2. If you’re the DIY type, we advise you on what to do and give you templates.

We do this because we truly care about you. While we want you to share your stories and expertise with the world (to die empty), we equally believe you should earn good money from your good work.

Publishing a book should be a win-win. Are you ready for some good buck? Let’s talk, shall we?


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