Do You Know the Bestseller’s Secret?

The writer stared morosely at the well-worn manuscript lying dejectedly on his coffee table. After founding a company with quarterly returns in 8 figures, one would expect that a book would be a walk-over. With a landmark birthday around the corner, he thought to share his story and the lessons he gleaned along the way. […]

5 Reasons Stories Will Attract Customers to You in 2022

The first day of my life was the day the boy I had crushed on for 3 straight months out of my short six years on earth smiled at me. I remember all about his smile. His two front teeth were missing, but it didn’t matter; I had gone to cloud nine on my little […]

All Winning Businesses Have A Communication Plan, Do You?

Communication is the secret superpower of successful businesses. Both internal and external communication is essential to the growth of a business and the realization of its mission. Effective communication extends beyond information exchange. When done right, it establishes and strengthens relationships with clients/customers, builds a strong work environment and office culture, cultivates customer loyalty, and […]

The Dangers of Poor Business Storytelling

What do you do first when you decide to embark on a business venture? Now, I know you probably know the to-dos by heart, and all the terms that come alongside. But what if I told you the first thing, or one of the first things, would be to create a story around your brand, […]