It’s the digital age, and everybody seems to be advocating for writing and publishing books – especially ebooks. Great move, really! I’ll forever champion and support this cause. This is because I firmly believe in the power of books to effect massive changes in individuals and for societies. Check it, the most advanced societies in the world today are the most enlightened ones, and of course, books are the custodians and conveyors of knowledge. Conversely, backward societies are those that play light of learning.

As one who has been greatly influenced by books, I simply cannot love them less. I came from a humble background. Until I turned nine, my dad had never owned a car. And though he was a civil servant, we were smallholder farmers. I still recall that we had two farms, one of them situated around where Games Village and Prince & Princess estates are located today, in Abuja, Nigeria. The planned construction of the National Stadium led to our loss of that land in year 2000 – and thankfully things were starting to look a little upward for my dad at the time.

However, as a young boy I had a strong wish for better living standards. I’m not sure how it came about, but I felt strongly that life could be better. Luckily for me, my dad had a thing for books, although he didn’t read very much, so we had books at home. Besides the fiction I’d started with earlier, my undying impression led me to start picking the nonfiction ones, and the first I read was titled ‘You’re Born Rich, Don’t Die Poor’ (I still have the book). I was 10 or 11 years old.

I got stuck. Especially on nonfiction. I wanted answers to the many questions in my mind about how to elevate my experiences, so I read at every chance. Today, many years later, I have made good progress. I now lead a communications and publishing services company that serves a significant number of elite brands and growing. All because I embraced the power of books.

What if the authors of the several books I have read till date, that influenced me so greatly, never wrote and published them? What if I never read the countless stories I encountered that inspired me with patience and staying power when the journey was tough and tearing? What if I never got the chance to transform and elevate my mindset above the limitations of my early state in life? What if…?

I can’t even imagine where I might have been now. I dread the thought, in fact.

Now to the bigger question: how many destinies are waiting for the release of your own book(s) to empower their accomplishment?

Take a minute to answer this before proceeding.

Nevertheless, the challenge many times is that most people don’t know why they should write books. Even the handful who know sometimes have skewed reasons.

To clear the air, as one with many years of experience in this area – personal and professional, I will share the 3 essential reasons why you should write a book. But here’s the caveat: you should start writing your book right away if this makes an impression in your heart.

1. Leveraged Impact

A book is both a messenger and an amplifier. It captures your voice, stories, and expertise, and takes them around the world to places you literally will never go in person and to people you’ll never meet. If that isn’t leverage and quantum impact, what is?

2. Scaled Influence

Agreed, you have a measure of influence, I imagine. You have a community that you speak to frequently and influence their minds towards positive results. But how about those who aren’t in your current community? Aren’t you supposed to influence them too and help to transform their lives? A book easily achieves that for you.

Books provide multiplier effect to your current work. Or why do you think American thought leaders are very quick to churn out books? They understand this code.

3. Enduring Legacy

How many years ago did Napoleon Hill die? Yet his books are shaping up lives every day, many decades after they were published. I even bet you’ve read one at least.

Historically, publishing took root in Europe in the 1500s (before America was founded), and some of the books published since that time still exist today, most of them as limited copies. But then, while the authors’ bodies have long rot in their graves, their legacies continue through the books they graced the world with.

Little else can have the kind of transgenerational value and impact that a great published book offers.

Notice I didn’t say anything about books providing an additional source of income, which seems to be the anthem these days; that’s deliberate. If you do a great job at putting out a great book and pushing it widely, money will be an inevitable complement. Your primary goal, therefore, should be to give great value.

Now, are you ready to write and publish the next great book in your area of expertise or to tell your stories of success?

Are you ready to publish that book everybody would want to read and not get enough of?

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